Runner-up in the Cree Banreservas 2022 Entrepreneurship Program, with Umami Creadores

Although there are several in the Dominican Republic, the most recognized and coveted local entrepreneurship program started almost a decade ago, and it’s called Cree Banreservas. It is a Pre-Acceleration Program developed by the Banco de Reservas of the Dominican Republic to support outstanding teams of local entrepreneurs. It lasts approximately five months, during which it seeks to contribute to developing the chosen businesses, increasing their chances of success, and reducing the “screw-ups” resulting from inexperience.

In its ninth edition, the Pre-Acceleration Program received nearly 200 applications from all over the country. Of these, only ten (10) were selected, and, to our surprise, we were one of them. Yes, being privileged with this access means that my company, Umami Creadores, is one of the most promising start-ups in the Dominican Republic, which fills me with pride… and responsibility!

These images were taken during the “Demo Day” event, a special day not everyone gets due to the intensity and very high requirements that characterize this program. I take this opportunity to thank those who saw the value of this project and shared their knowledge, ideas, tips, techniques, frameworks, and criticisms. Thanks to the Banreservas family for believing in the orange economy, Dominican creativity, and the potential of Umami Creadores.

Source: this post was based on the article published by Umami Creadores.

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