Meeting with DR’s Minister of Culture: reviewing improvement opportunities

I took the role of a cultural activist and researcher nearly a decade ago. My focus was to be part of the solution in areas that I had identified needed action. Given my background, I first took a communicational approach. I created a digital media to promote what was being done and the fantastic places one could visit in my country.

Then I got into my doctoral program and embarked on a six-year-long research in which I found my voice and gained a better understanding of my context. In the process was honored with several awards. And while I felt that I was, indeed, doing my part, it still felt personal.

When I received the invitation to sit with the Minister of Culture, I was both mindblown and honored. I had many ideas, many suggestions, and even complaints! So I had to focus on what I understood was critical and neglected: cultural research and support for young researchers.

I would like to thank Minister Milagros German for her kind reception and openness. I also want to thank Alexéi Tellerías for including me in the visit.

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