Barna Management School’s Educational Excellence Recognition

“Daugther of a cat catches mice,” goes the saying….
In case you don’t know, I grew up in the classroom. There were countless times when, as a little girl, I sat quietly coloring or reading at a desk while my parents trained and guided hundreds of people in educational institutions in the Dominican Republic. Through them, I witnessed this beautiful profession’s impact, which stuck with me.

I had already spent nearly a decade in the classroom when, in September 2020, I took my first steps as a professor at Barna Management School. As the daughter of two professionals who dedicated their lives to education, I was aware of the challenge I was taking on. I was excited to continue that legacy, and I did it the way I know how: with dedication, love, and a lot of passion.

Three courses and almost two years later, Barna’s BBA team surprised me with a recognition of my teaching work. Two things were highlighted: my commitment and my performance.

Honestly, I still can’t find the words to summarize how much this moves me, and the only thing I can think of is to say THANK YOU. To whom?

  • Thanks to those who shaped me. In the +30 years that I have been a student, you have been my role model.
  • Thanks to those who opened doors (and windows) for me, trusted my abilities and talents, and even helped me find them.
  • Thanks to my students, at all levels, who have made me a better professional and a better human being.
  • And thanks to my colleagues in faculty and administration, whose words give encouragement in difficult times and whose example inspires me to be better.

I am honored by this recognition and take it as a reminder of that initial commitment. I promise that, as long as I can, I will continue to “give it all” in the classroom, doing “my share” and giving back a little of all the good things I have received.

As Cerati said: GRACIAS… TOTALES 🤩.

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